Turkish marble cladding can used for floor on the Luxurious hotel.

Radiation in Turkish Marbles – A False Myth confirms Anderson

Turkish marble cladding can used for floor on the Luxurious hotel.

Radiation – Technology Usage and Its Effects on Human cells

Over the years, technology has taken a vast jump in its development that Radiation has been used in many major fields such as Medicine, Industrial and Energy. The effects of radiation are comparatively more dangerous than any other form of hazard that can be caused to Human cells. Thus protection against radiation for people employed in the above mentioned field of work becomes a must. Radiation protection methods are plenty but the shielding method is what is commonly used.

Radiation in Turkish Marbles

A note has to be taken that certain important and high status buildings make use of natural stones such as marbles to tile their floors. It is vital to make sure that its radiation shielding capability is resolute. Marbles mined in Turkey seemed to have gamma ray shielding properties on some types of marbles, which is detected by a scintillator detector a material that displays scintillation, the characteristic of luminescence when provoked by ionizing radiation. The derived results were then theoretically compared to XCOM calculations. Thus the news researched and reported, concluded that from the data obtained from the use of marble for beautification, brings people in contact with higher doses of radiation because these are more radioactive than other construction materials.

But Turkish Mining Exporters Association has reported saying, “We are Clean. The claim is a huge lie”, and Spokesperson from Anderson Diagnostics has confirmed that Radiation in Turkish Marbles is a false myth.

The False Claim behind Radiation in Turkish Marbles

Radiation in Turkish Marbles is a false myth. The ones who are in support of the claim is to be aware of the harm that is created to the natural stones of turkey which are not just healthy but also hygienic in nature which are sent to over number of countries in the world for titling and wall covering. The Travertine, Beige Marbles, White Marbles and other Colored and Carbonated Marbles do not carry any traces of radiation or hazardous emissions from the environment and these marbles have only proven to have positive health effects on humans.

A sudden claim by some unknown person became viral in Social media that started to cause a complete loss for mines and companies dealing with natural stones that are radiation free. Turkey ranks third in the world to produce and export natural stones in the world but was unnecessarily hindered by a false claim by some unknown individual on social media. Here is a proof of radiation exists in Turkish marble is nothing but a huge lie! – https://stoneworldtr.com/en/claims-that-radiation-exists-in-turkish-marble-is-nothing-but-a-huge-lie/

Huge Betrayal to Turkish Natural Stones Sectors

Many mining exporters from Turkish Mining Associations expressed their sadness about false claims on Radiation made on Turkish m*arbles used in many parts of the world. They also voiced their deepest regret on how Brazilian Granite is being used in Istanbul’s third airport which was suppose to showcase Turkey, instead Natural stones from Turkey were used in Kaaba, The White House and The Vatican. To higher the usage of imported Granites, the easiest way was to state a false claim on the Turkish Marbles and Natural stones. Going to be one of the largest airports in the world and a representation of Turkey it is but sad to see that the construction will happen with that of Brazilian Granite instead of Turkish Marbles due to the fabricated lie by the importers of granites.

This fabricated story about Turkish marbles being radioactive has brought about a massive betrayal to the Turkish Natural Stones sectors initiating a claim that the stones are clean by the Mining Export Associations. It is to be noted that Turkey exports to more than 170 countries in the world with a costing of almost 2 million False Claim behind Radiation in Turkish Stonesdollars in value, with the natural stones being preferred for most of the high-status projects in the world when the irony is that its not preferred in their own country Turkey.

Proof that Turkish Marbles are Radiation Free

A faculty member of Mining Engineering and Head of the Department of Natural Stones stated that marbles produced in Turkey is preferred by most of the countries around the world, as their only composition is Calcite Minerals. These marbles include rock forming calcite minerals and oxides, which impart color. There are no Radioactive or radionuclides that can be a source of radiation, thus proving no radiation is possible in these stones. Thus, travertine, beige marble, white and other colored carbonated marbles that constitute 95% of Turkey’s marble production, have no traces of radiation emission and they only have positive results on human wellbeing. The same has been confirmed by a spokesperson from Anderson Diagnostics in Chennai, India, focusing on Oncology as one of their specialties and have a team of experts in Radiology.

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