History Of Marble – Monuments Around The World

Marbles Used To Make Monuments

The use of marble in homes, offices, schools is very recent when compared to the history of the stone. The history of marbles has deep connection. Many famous IAS coaching centres train their students in such in-depth information as they form part of the civil services exam syllabus. Some of the most valuable and known monuments of the world are constructed with marble thanks to its many uses, https://geology.com/rocks/uses-of-marble/. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the most recognisable monuments made with marble.

Which Marble was used to Build the Taj MahalFamous Monuments and Sculptures Made from Marbles

  • The first and most known monument is The Taj Mahal. Commissioned by the emperor Shah Jahan, the mausoleum is entirely built with white marble. Located on the bank of river Yamuna in India, Taj Mahal is a testament to the strength and beauty of ivory marble.
  • The second most known piece made of marble in history is the Statue of David. Made by Michelangelo, the sculpture is considered one of the best to be ever made. The elegant yet powerful stature, which is a representation of male form and beauty in repose, stands 17 feet tall and was created in the Renaissance period.
  • Another monument that is proof of the might of marble is The Washington Monument. The tall obelisk was constructed with three varieties of marble and is known as a tribute to the unity of the country. The tower is not only the most famous building in the US, but it is also the most visited.
  • The Leaning Tower Of Pisa is another tall pillar that is made of marble. Though famous for its slight tilt that increases every few years, the Tower of Pisa is one of the most magnificent creations of marble. The circular building is elegance personified due to the unique use of marble, limestone and quartz in it.
  • One of the oldest buildings still standing that was made with marble is The Pantheon. The dome is said to beMarble Steps at the Leaning Tower of Pisa constructed in 125 AD using marble. The monument is visited by tourists in droves every year to take in the breathtaking sight of its columns.
  • One of the more recent buildings created using marble that is recognised by people around the world is the Supreme Court in the US. Marble was one of the primary materials used to construct the building to give the ceiling an elegant and imposing look.

Use of Marble in Architectures and Monuments :

Next time you see one of these monuments in real or reel life, be aware of the extraordinary history. It is because of these long-lasting monuments that marble is virtually used in every field of constructions. The extensive use of the natural stone throughout history gave modern civilisation the idea of its strength and beauty. From elaborate fountains that adorn the gardens of five-star hotels to the floors of our homes, marble is now used to create the interior and exterior of most buildings.
Therefore, when you are crossing a marble floor in a corporate building or looking at the marble walls of a friend’s home, thank the people who created each of these historical monuments. They were the starting point to the marble craze that has taken over the world in the present age.