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The Advantages Of Cultured Marble Bathtub

Naturally occurring stone like marble is a great choice to decorate the home. Marbles are not only strong and hard, they are also very attractive with their hues, veins or bold lines. The naturally occurring hues and patterns make the marble a great option for any upscale homes. Of late, the marbles are not only used for floors and walls, but also for the bathtub. The marble bathtub is becoming famous for many good reasons. Though fibreglass remains a common option for a bathtub, the use of marbles for making bathtub is seeing a good rise in recent days for many good reasons.

Bathtubs made of marble not only enhance the aesthetics of your home, it also increases the overall resale value. Homeowners, who are looking to install a bathtub with cultured marble has two options. The first option is just installing the cultured marble surrounding the existing bathtub. The second option is installing a new tub that is wrapped with cultured marble. Though the second option can be bit expensive, most homeowners prefer this because it gives the satisfaction of having a brand new bathtub.

Many people are not aware of the facts of cultured marble. This is not a real marble and it does not contain marble content, even in the form of dust and powder. The cultured marble is made of poly-acrylic resins. While the natural marble is porous and highly susceptible to damage due to elements and moisture, the cultured marbles are non-porous in nature. Due to this characteristic, the cultured marbles are long-lasting and cheaper than the natural marble. Though the cultured marbles are completely manmade, the people cannot feel the difference between the real one and the artificial one.

bathtubThe cultured marble offers all the luxurious look that is offered by the real marble. Moreover, the durability factor makes them an ideal choice for making bathtubs. The look of kitchens and bathroom plays a huge role in the housing market. Potential buyers are always interested in properties that looks great and elegant. With cultured marble bathtubs, one would be able to enhance the value of the home, without investing much money. Moreover, the cultured marbles require less maintenance, thereby offering more peace of mind to the owners.

Lack of porosity makes the cultured marble bathtubs more long lasting and hygienic. You can see the cultured marble don’t get affected by the stains, mildew and mold. Though this material is packed with lots of advantages, they too have some disadvantages. This material is cheaper than real marble, but way expensive than the fiberglass and porcelain. Moreover, the owners should be careful when cleaning the cultured marble bathtub. Using abrasive material can cause damage to the surface.

Due to the sturdiness and durability, the cultured marble is ideal to use in bathrooms and shower areas. This material can be easily cleaned by applying any non-abrasive material. The stains can be simply removed by wiping with the cloth.

In addition to the material cost, homeowners should also consider the cost involved in labor and tools. The installation cost can be 20% or 30% of the material. You may ask price quote or estimation from different contractors to get idea on pricing. Most contractors are happy to offer a free quote.

It is must for the homeowners to choose a design and color of the cultured marble that goes well with the existing theme and design of the bathroom. In some instances, homeowners may need to make some alterations surrounding the bathtub.

It is very important to choose a nice contractor. You have to go through the reviews from different people to find a good and reliable contractor in your area. Check whether your prospective contractor any guarantee to his work.