White concrete bathroom interior with white marble floors.

Bathroom Design Ideas You Must Avoid

Old Trends That are Not Worth It Anymore

Home décor undergoes constant evolution. Designs that may have been trendy and sought-after a few years ago might have gone entirely out of fashion today. When people are thinking about getting their homes renovated, the design of the bathroom is usually the last thing on their mind. However, a lot of attention must be paid to bathroom décor to keep things on track. Staying away from out of vogue designs is also essential.

Windows with glass blocks
It wasn’t long ago that bathrooms in many modern homes had windows made out of glass block. However, there were some evident disadvantages created by this structure. They impart a gaudiness to the overall setup that reduces its visual appeal. When you are spending money on renovation, you shouldn’t even consider going for such features.

Hollywood in The Lights is Out of Fashion

Image showing compact bathroom interiorThe lighting in your bathroom plays a vital role not only in practical aspects but also in terms of visual appeal. Hollywood style lighting used to be charming and fashionable, but times have changed. In modern décor, these lights are a strict ‘no-no.’ So, you must consider contemporary alternatives to make sure that everything is in sync.

Wallpapers for bathrooms are out of the question in today’s era. You will never find a well-designed and stylish home with wallpapers or chevrons. Are you thinking about getting them in your setup? Well, you need to think again.

Humongous bathtubs
The size of the baths in all bathrooms must be appropriate. If you opt for a substantially large tub, you will need a lot of water to fill it. It will occupy a significant portion of the bathroom area. As a result, your bathroom will start looking smaller than ever. Both the factors stated above have numerous downsides. So, mid-sized tubs will always be ideal.