Photo of expensive room with shining marble floor

Considerations When Opting for Marble Floorings

Three Steps to Follow When Flooring with Marble Tiles

Marble coverings are one of the most expensive flooring solutions. Most homeowners opt for marble floors as it can enhance the appeal of interior spaces as well as complement any home décor. There is a wide array of colors when it comes to marble tiles.

Hence, you can choose among the numerous options that better suit the décor of your house. Apart from the multiple color shades and tones, the difference in grain and vein patterns of the marble tiles distinguishes one variety from the other.

Compare and choose
People who are new to the world of marble tiles and flooring may find it difficult to compare the full range of varieties. To make the most appropriate choice for your project, you must do some research before concluding. Placing marble tiles is an excellent choice for adding sophistication to your interior spaces. However, the type of marble you choose for your home is highly responsible for maintaining the elegance of your space.

Photo of spacious expensive living room with shining marble floorIs Your Marble Slip-resistant?

Placing marble tiles in the interiors of your house is a costly investment. Besides, focusing on the most appropriate color and pattern, there are some more factors that you need to consider when choosing marble floorings. Usually, marble floorings are quite slippery. Thus, you must ensure that the marble tiles are highly slip-resistant.

Marble floorings are highly vulnerable
Marble floorings demand high maintenance because they are very porous. If you do not maintain it properly, marble tiles can absorb stains, spills, and moisture, which can lead to damage. If you are planning to cover the kitchen and bathroom floors with marble tiles, you need to keep it clean and dry. The upper surface of every marble tile should be polished, and the surface below should be sealed for better protection.