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Let Marble Floors Remain Glorious

Tips and Hacks to Ensure Longevity of Marble Floors

Marble floors make your home elegant and beautiful. They provide feelings of comfort and luxury. With time they become an integral part of the décor of your home. But many homeowners fail to care for them. As a result, they lose their beauty and shine over time. If you don’t want such things to happen to the flooring of your newly renovated home, you must follow the steps listed below.

Clean it soon
Many people are unaware of the absorbing capacity of marble. They believe that liquids spilled in these floors can be cleaned even after a lot of time has passed. In reality, the spilled material can get absorbed by marble quite quickly. It will lead to an irreversible decrease in the shine and robustness of your floors. So, whenever liquids fall on the floor, you must get it cleaned as soon as possible.

Use the Right Leverage at All Times

Let Marble Floors Remain GloriousHomeowners must be careful with regards to the cleaning material they use. Even slightly acidic cleaners can be damaging and dangerous. Using suitable cleaners without any corrosive ingredients will be ideal. You shouldn’t forget that marble has a lot of calcium carbonate which will react with any acids brought in contact with it. As a result, the floor will start getting corroded quickly.

Some extra steps
Experts also suggest frequent mopping for marble floors. It will ensure that unwanted dirt doesn’t settle on it. You might be surprised at the extent of damage which can be caused by small debris and sand. Your floor will gradually become full of scratches making it look ugly. Regular mopping and cleaning will ensure that there are no unwanted scratches on beautiful floors. Using doormats will also be helpful in proper maintenance.

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