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How To Clean A Marble Stone Naturally?

Marble is a natural stone which can be used as kitchen countertops, flooring, sinks, and other purposes in residential buildings. It is the most beautiful stone and preferred choice for flooring. Marble is highly susceptible to damage, and there are chances to lose its shine and luster. Thus you must offer proper care and maintenance to your marble stone so that it remains durable for a long time. Though it is a favorite material for kitchen tops and flooring, it is challenging to take proper care of it. Here you would know about some of the natural cleaning methods to maintain marble stone.

Types Of Finishes In Marble Stone

Two types of marbles stone finishes are used for residential purpose. One is a shiny finish, and the other is the satin finish. The shiny finish also called as glossy, and it is a polished marble which exhibits the color and various details of the natural stone. It looks swanky, and thus, you can see them in spas, hotels, and luxury homes. The satin finish or less glossy marble finish comes with a softer look. It is etched to look honed.

Ways To Naturally Clean Marble

Image of two different types of marblesCleaning your marbles depends on the finish of the marble stone. Shiny finish marbles are stain-resistant, but it is challenging to maintain the shine. Thus honed marble is becoming popular for kitchen use.

Immediate Cleaning: It is always recommended that you clean the marble immediately after it encounters any spills. This is the best cleaning method to avoid considerable damage to the marble. Avoid using commercial cleaners and homemade cleaning mixes like vinegar and lemon juice. This would damage your marble. You can make use of some homemade marble cleaner.

For tough stains in the marble, you can try spreading baking soda paste on the particular spot. Cover it with a plastic wrap and leave it for a day. Next day using a damp cloth wipe the paste
The above are some of the tips to clean the marble stone naturally

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