Marble Flooring Ideas – Mystery Revealed

Marble flooring has made a comeback and has taken a prominent place in modern homes. No more visions of cold unfriendly rooms, as the fresh trend with downsized accents and statements patterns gives rooms a warm classic touch. Marbles are the ones that never go out of fashion. Of the multiple options available for flooring and bath tubs, Marble floorings and bathtubs looks classy and sassy at the same time.

There are several factors that make marble floorings and bath tubs so popular.

  • Sturdy: Marble floorings are one of the sturdiest floorings that you can get. These do not chip or break like tiles, and can withstand wear and tear pretty well.
  • Smooth: Marble offers an extremely smooth surface. Though these have to be polished and buffed before becoming fit for use, yet once ready, they offer one of the smoothest kinds of surfaces. Because of their smoothness, marble also begets the glistening effect that makes them all the more alluring.
  • Sizes: Marbles can be customized for sizes.
  • Stain resistant: Marbles are naturally stain resistant and therefore easy to maintain.
  • Colors: Marbles come in myriad range of colors. That is the reason they can gel wonderfully with any kind of décor, be it traditional or contemporary.
  • Textures: Marble floorings come in several kinds of textures.
    1. Tumbled: Tumbled marble floorings come with the antique look wherein the corners are smoothed whereas the edges are chipped.
    2. Honed: Used in places that experience heavy footfalls, these come with smooth but matte finish.
  • Remains cool: One of the biggest advantages of using marble flooring is the fact that it remains cool even in high temperatures and therefore for places that experience heat and sultry summers, this kind of flooring can bring great respite.

Marble floorings generally come in light colors. The colored veins that run through them makes them look distinct than any other kinds of flooring. It is these colored veins that makes each of the marble pieces different from others. Other than floorings, marbles also make excellent material for bathtubs. Marble bathtubs make your bathrooms look luxurious. They can look both modern and traditional. Sturdy and eclectic, marbles are more preferred material for bath tubs than fiberglass for those who want to add a touch of classiness and opulence to their bath spaces. Such bathtubs generally come in two variants:

  • Cultured marbles: Marbles that is in reality not marbles but man made material that look like marbles.
  • Uncultured marble: The real marble but definitely far expensive than the cultured counterparts.

We offer excellent range of marble floorings and bathtubs across all variants and price ranges. The recent marble flooring tips that showed the proper utilisation of marble columns to delineate space, has won applauds, as it was used by firms like Supertech Industries. Creating marble wonders in floor designs is also trending at sites like Using marble either on the floor or walls gives a touch of class and the design concept was used by our client, SpaWonder. Be sure to give marble a try, the next time you think of renovating your home or workplace.


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