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Maintenance of Marble Floors Made Easy

Keep Your Marble Floors Shining Forever

Marble tiles are among the best flooring solutions that you can find in this day and age. If you take care of them, you can rest assured that they’ll continue looking sophisticated and graceful for many years. However, lack of maintenance and cleaning will take away their beauty and elegance in a few short years. And there is no point in spending so much money on them if you have no plans of handling their care.

Find the type
The marble tiles used in making the floors of your home might be cultured or natural. The natural products are relatively costly but better looking. However, caring for them is extremely vital. Polished marble tiles don’t have the same visual appeal, but they are more durable. Maintaining them required fewer efforts. So, most homeowners use cultured marbles because of lower costs and easier maintenance. But they end up losing some beauty and elegance.

Image showing elegant living room interiorNeutral cleaners
Harsh chemicals and acids can corrode your floors beyond repair. Accumulation of sand and debris can also cause scratches. So, for regular cleaning, you can use detergents without any acidic ingredients. Use of microfiber cloths will be ideal in case you want to get rid of stains and spillages.

Use of brushes
For routine cleaning, using cloth mops will be best. However, cleaning the floors with brushes once every couple of months can give you excellent results. It will be extremely beneficial in maintaining the beauty and exquisiteness of the floors.

Avoiding scratches
Marble floors can get easily scratched. Hiding these scratches becomes extremely difficult. Most scratches are caused by dragging furniture from one place to another. So, if you need to move something heavy, you must get it lifted and placed at the desired location. Pushing and dragging should be avoided at all costs.

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