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Let Marble Floors Remain Glorious

Tips and Hacks to Ensure Longevity of Marble Floors

Marble floors make your home elegant and beautiful. They provide feelings of comfort and luxury. With time they become an integral part of the décor of your home. But many homeowners fail to care for them. As a result, they lose their beauty and shine over time. If you don’t want such things to happen to the flooring of your newly renovated home, you must follow the steps listed below.

Clean it soon
Many people are unaware of the absorbing capacity of marble. They believe that liquids spilled in these floors can be cleaned even after a lot of time has passed. In reality, the spilled material can get absorbed by marble quite quickly. It will lead to an irreversible decrease in the shine and robustness of your floors. So, whenever liquids fall on the floor, you must get it cleaned as soon as possible.

Use the Right Leverage at All Times

Let Marble Floors Remain GloriousHomeowners must be careful with regards to the cleaning material they use. Even slightly acidic cleaners can be damaging and dangerous. Using suitable cleaners without any corrosive ingredients will be ideal. You shouldn’t forget that marble has a lot of calcium carbonate which will react with any acids brought in contact with it. As a result, the floor will start getting corroded quickly.

Some extra steps
Experts also suggest frequent mopping for marble floors. It will ensure that unwanted dirt doesn’t settle on it. You might be surprised at the extent of damage which can be caused by small debris and sand. Your floor will gradually become full of scratches making it look ugly. Regular mopping and cleaning will ensure that there are no unwanted scratches on beautiful floors. Using doormats will also be helpful in proper maintenance.

White concrete bathroom interior with white marble floors.

Bathroom Design Ideas You Must Avoid

Old Trends That are Not Worth It Anymore

Home décor undergoes constant evolution. Designs that may have been trendy and sought-after a few years ago might have gone entirely out of fashion today. When people are thinking about getting their homes renovated, the design of the bathroom is usually the last thing on their mind. However, a lot of attention must be paid to bathroom décor to keep things on track. Staying away from out of vogue designs is also essential.

Windows with glass blocks
It wasn’t long ago that bathrooms in many modern homes had windows made out of glass block. However, there were some evident disadvantages created by this structure. They impart a gaudiness to the overall setup that reduces its visual appeal. When you are spending money on renovation, you shouldn’t even consider going for such features.

Hollywood in The Lights is Out of Fashion

Image showing compact bathroom interiorThe lighting in your bathroom plays a vital role not only in practical aspects but also in terms of visual appeal. Hollywood style lighting used to be charming and fashionable, but times have changed. In modern décor, these lights are a strict ‘no-no.’ So, you must consider contemporary alternatives to make sure that everything is in sync.

Wallpapers for bathrooms are out of the question in today’s era. You will never find a well-designed and stylish home with wallpapers or chevrons. Are you thinking about getting them in your setup? Well, you need to think again.

Humongous bathtubs
The size of the baths in all bathrooms must be appropriate. If you opt for a substantially large tub, you will need a lot of water to fill it. It will occupy a significant portion of the bathroom area. As a result, your bathroom will start looking smaller than ever. Both the factors stated above have numerous downsides. So, mid-sized tubs will always be ideal.

Spa like Bathroom with Marble Flooring

Spa like Bathroom with Marble Flooring – Aesthetic Look and Feel!

Spa like Bathroom with Marble Flooring

Bringing The Wonders Of A Spa Centre To Your Home

As you step inside a spa centre, the subtle, soothing music, the amazing fragrance of candles and the serene environment all embrace you in a relaxing mood. It is not just the therapy that pampers the body, mind, and soul; it is also the ambiance of the salon. Anyone who has been to a spa will know this for a truth. What they rarely realise is that there is one hidden element that helps us chill out even more.

In this article, we utilise this hidden element to recreate the same environs right in our homes. Natural stone is a great way to signal the mind that it is time to sit back, unwind, and relax. It is why every resort, spa centre, and therapy place is chock full of natural stone. The people who design them know that stone, especially marble, has some extraordinary magic that makes it so soothing. So, if you have ever craved to recreate the ambiance of a spa at home, marble is the way to go.

Incorporating natural stone in any form into the bath build the same feeling you get at a spa. The best part is you can enjoy the restorative power of natural stone anytime you want, day in and day out! Check out more on marble flooring designs.

What To Use To Turn The Bathroom Into A Spa?

What To Use To Turn The Bathroom Into A Spa?

While any kind of natural stone will recreate the feel of a spa, the two best options are marble and granite. Today, we keep the focus on marble alone. The reason we pick marble are multifold:

  • It is incredibly pleasing to the eye.
  • It blends water and light with the material in a flow which motivates healing.

Did you ever wonder why even the ancient baths of Romans were entirely made of stone? These public places for gatherings were perfect for pampering the body, that is why! Marble offers a sense of privacy and intimacy while being:

  • Elegant
  • Durable
  • Timeless

All these qualities combine to make us feel pleasant, relaxed and refreshed. We now dive into a few ideas to using marble in bathrooms at home to give a spa-like feeling. The first is to use solid coloured marbles for flooring. The touch of the natural stone on bare feet is comforting and very soothing. The trick is to not opt for a polished finish. It gleams unnaturally and creates a formal appearance. Moreover, bathrooms are forever wet or damp, which means you need a floor that provides traction to prevent slips and falls.
Choose a honed and matte finish for a real spa centre look. Plus, it will guarantee that a wet floor doesn’t lead to bruised and broken bones!

What Type Of Marble To Use For Spa-Like Bathroom Floor

A horizontally veined marble is the perfect choice for a bathroom floor. The Marmara white marble is one What Type Of Marble To Use For Spa-Like Bathroom Floorexample. The coloured veins that run parallel not only give an exquisite look but also make the bath appear as if part of a luxury resort or spa.

Another option is to use rich-veined marble with solid ones, alternatively. The juxtaposition of coloured marble with plain imitates the exact features of many top spas in the world. The best part is that if you use solid white marble, it will reflect natural light and fashion a calming nook. It is a common mistake people make when designing their bathrooms- they believe that marble is just for décor or ornamentations. Visit a spa centre, and the liberal use of marble will show you the truth. It is much more than decoration. Let your favourite spa salon be the inspiration to bring a little bit of warmth and connection to the earth to your bathroom. Turn a place meant for bathing into a sanctuary that brings peace and harmony to you. Use marble to infuse it with the same attributes as that of a spa.

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