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Marble has been around for centuries, adding beauty to our homes. This stunning rock has been polished and groomed to adorn any wall or floor to turn the entire look of your home in no time at all. Marble is actually a metamorphic rock that is formed when limestone or dolomites get altered. Marble Emperador Dark offers only top quality marble to its customers.  We believe in 100 percent customer satisfaction, and deliver only the best of the best. Our marble is guaranteed to have no chips or scratches and will stay that way for a long time to come.

The irregular coloring seen in marble tiles is caused by the impurities present in them. Interestingly, it is the irregular design of marble that has made it a favorite among many interior designers. Marble is often used for interiors as well as exterior flooring applications. They have been used as a part of the wall and tomb décor in some commercial establishments over the world. The commonly seen colors of marble range from red, black, pink, gray, white mottled, and even green. Different combinations of these colored tiles are used in residential spaces as well as commercial buildings all over the world. They are also used to create high-quality bathtubs, wash basins and even statues. If you are looking for a product that is guaranteed to last for a long time, marble is the way to go.

Marble Tiles

Marble is evergreen and timeless and helps create a nice aura in your home. They create a stunning aesthetic impact, making it a favorite among most homeowners. They are also very durable and can handle heavy loads, making it useful for residential as well as commercial purposes. The best feature about marble is that it is scratch resistant. This makes it perfect for a house filled with young children or any commercial establishment that has a lot of visitors like a hotel lobby. The maintenance of marble is very low key. You can get it polished after a couple of years, and you will soon see the sheen of the marble come back immediately. Investing in marble for the interior of your home is a smart decision in the long run.

Marble Usage In Bathrooms

Marble bathtubs have been around for ages. They were till recent times considered a privilege of the rich and the elite. During the recent years, many people have taken to installing marble bathtubs after realizing how durable and strong they are. These bathtubs will last for ages, making it worth the investment. Having a marble wash basin in your guest bathroom is also a privilege which many people are opting for.  Marble Emperador Dark has been creating magnificent bathtubs fit for royalty at affordable prices. Come and find out which one suits your bathroom. We even custom design pieces to meet customer requirements.

Our professional workers will install your marble bathroom fixtures with minimum delay to ensure that you can enjoy them as soon as possible. We at Marble Emperador Dark hire professional workers to place the marble tiles as it is a delicate process. One step wrong and the whole pattern will be displaced. Give us a call for professional services at affordable rates.

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