About Us

Marble has been the preferred choice for ages when it comes to floors, ceilings and walls of homes. From palaces to the smallest of houses, marble tiles have adorned them tall. Marble Emperador Dark was created to bring all knowledge about a building material that was once considered a show of power and wealth to all. Starting from the types of marble that can be used on floors to the best marble tiles that are ideal for bathrooms and ending with luxurious marble bathtubs, we have the expertise for it.

Our master craftsmen have made their way in the Indian marker one marble tile at a time. The metamorphic rock, which has been used for aeons by homeowners, is our speciality. Every marble piece we install in a home is unique. Our pieces range in colouring and veining. For the discerning client, we offer a high-class marble that has a very similar palette. These marble tiles are perfect for showers where they give a soft, chic and uniform look.

We at, Marble Emperador Dark, don’t just sell marbles to clients. We also give them the tools to take utmost care of the rich looking rock. We offer you tips like the absorbent quality of marble that allows staining easily. We advise clients on practical aspects like using a porcelain tile for shower floor to ensure that cleaning it is easy. For us, it is the little and the big things that make us the experts in marble flooring and tiles.